Who we are

We are… Emotion Chasers. Christ Followers.
Coffee Drinkers.
Wedding Goers.
People Lovers.
Movie Watchers.
Backyard Football Players.
Loud Laughers.
Beach Goers.
Taco Bell Eaters.
Campfire Singers.

What we do

Full Wedding Day Photography

Custom Senior Portraits

Schools and Sports

Awesome Photobooth

Why we do what we do

We’re Josh + Jeanette

We believe that the marriage is more important than the wedding day. We also believe that your wedding day should be the most beautiful beginning to a life filled with laughter and love and the person who makes you a better version of yourself. You’ve found that person and your wedding day is a perfect chance to show that to the world.

Address & Contact

Our Address

198 Main Street, Greenville, PA, 16125