This is a God business! We are walking in obedience to the promptings of God. My name is Curtis Conti and I am married to my soul mate Michelle. We’ve been married since 1991. I am a blessed man. We’ve spent a lifetime together trying to figure this life thing out. As we approached our 25th wedding anniversary, I found myself in a career working on the road away from my wife, children, and grandchildren. I was gone Monday till Friday, back on the weekends, packing up Sunday night and gone again early Monday morning.

         It became unbearable to leave Monday morning. We both began to pray. Michelle was praying to bring me back to our family. I began to pray, but this time it was different. Time is of the essence. There is no time to waste. I began to REALLY pray. I began to communicate with God. I prayed for eyes to see and ears to hear. I prayed for guidance, direction, wisdom, patience. I prayed for strength and obedience to His Will. I prayed for courage to walk where He wants me to walk.


As I meditated on God’s Word, He showed me myself walking in the sand by the ocean. A lifetime of walking into the ocean ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, chest deep, neck deep, and even sometimes over my head were I would tread water. But I knew the sand was just under my feet and with my own power I could swim back to touch ground. He said He wants me to be ALL IN. He wants me to swim out to deep waters. Deep enough that I can’t swim back on my own. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to do it on my own. Time to give it to God!

         I am serving God as a living sacrifice to Him! When I made the proactive decision to walk in obedience, things started to happen. He gave me the mission statement; “Build God’s Kingdom by uniting Church, Business, and Community”. The enemy is all about separation, division and isolation. He gets us alone and separate to weaken and destroy. God wants unity! He wants us to unite and come together, help one another.   How? Build a business that will mutually benefit the Church, Businesses, and Community. Since 1997, I have been in the information technology industry and have been on the leading edge of online marketing with the two largest telecommunications companies in the world. I’ve learned search engine optimization, search engine marketing, maximizing the probability of showing up on the front page of an organic search when someone is searching for a business that provides a service in a specific area. We understand that communication takes place today utilizing numerous social media platforms and are prepared to expose your business to these searches. The point here is that God showed me my strength. I became good at marketing businesses but it always pointed to the bottom line for a corporate giant. How can I make this about God?

         Build a business that not only benefits our Clients, but also benefits the Church and the community. We narrowed the ideas down and began researching. I began searching for a Christian auto repair shop in Beaver Pa., 3 hours later, I had one; and it was a body shop in Allegheny county. I shared my frustration with Michelle. I couldn’t find a Christian auto repair shop in the area that I was searching. She asked me; so, what did you learn? What’s that tell you? And there it was! The light hit me!! Build an online Christian Business Directory. Build a directory of Christian Businesses and/or Businesses that operate by core Christian principles and values. When someone goes online looking for a business to provide a specific service in a specific area, we make sure that they find a business that provides that specific service in that specific area. We lead consumers to businesses that operate on Christian principles and values.

         Working for the corporate giants sometimes made it unaffordable for the small business owner to participate in attractive online programs. However, our business model enables participation at ANY budget level! We have put together a model that will enable YOUR business to compete in the area where people communicate today. Online desktop, laptop, iPad, mobile devices, social media platforms etc…

         We called it Unity, but it seemed as though something was missing from the name, so I went online and was going to type in Psalms to see what came up. I typed in “Psa” and Psalm 133 came up. Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” I smiled and said thank you God! Unity 133 it will be.

         Ironically, we are kicking off our business the day after Easter/Resurrection Day! Our lives have been resurrected! For anyone reading this; I pray that your Church, Business, and Community unite and come together. I pray for God’s blessings to be bestowed on all of you according to God’s Will, Amen.