Geno Levi has a passion for beauty…

Beauty that begins a transformation of the body, mind and spirit.

For decades Geno has dedicated his life to developing exceptional hair stylists and products that help others achieve their dreams.

As a salon owner and a master educator, he continues to maintain that a firm foundation in the fundamentals allows stylists to achieve their creative best.

Since 2007 Geno Levi Salon has been recognized as one of the Salon Today Top 200 Fastest-Growing Salons in North America, winning in the growth, customer service, marketing, and philanthropy categories.

Geno and his team of professional stylists have created a backdrop of constant education and training while providing all guests with a contemporary, relaxing environment and a fabulous salon experience. Geno Levi Salon averages more than 40,000 guest visits each year.

A Brief History

After opening his first salon in the Pittsburgh area in the early 80’s, Geno was soon recruited by ABBA Pure and Natural Hair Care in Irvine, California to help launch their new line. He soon became ABBA’s Artistic Director, gaining notoriety and recognition not only as an educator but also as a dynamic platform artist.

Within a few years, PureOlogy was introduced to the beauty industry, and Geno was quickly hired to help build their brand across the country as their National Artistic Team Leader.

Geno enjoyed training and motivating stylists around the country for both major manufacturers, but the more he traveled the more he felt compelled to implement what he was teaching on the road into his own salon.

In 2000, Geno founded the Geno Levi Academy, a training center for young stylists emerging from Cosmetology School. This training program continues to prepare stylists personally, professionally, and spiritually for successful careers in the beauty industry. Geno’s exclusive Gravitational™ Haircutting and Colour Systems are taught to all young stylists at the Geno Levi Academy. All Academy students are tested and skill-certified throughout the process, ensuring that their creative and technical skills meet the standards of the Geno Levi Brand. The entire Geno Levi team participates in trend development and ongoing education throughout the year.

The secret to a more beautiful you

The Geno Levi Gravitational™ Cutting and Gravitational™ Colour Systems are exclusive to Geno Levi Salon. Taught at the Geno Levi Academy, these techniques ensure the quality and consistency of your individual consultation, haircut, and colour experience. All stylists at Geno Levi Salon are graduates of the Academy and have earned their chair award through certification in the Geno Levi Gravitational™ Systems. The cutting technique allows each stylist to have maximum control of your haircut, giving them the ability to customize the shape that’s perfectly balanced and proportioned for your individual bone structure and facial features while controlling how your hair will fall with gravity. The colour technique empowers all stylists to interpret the shapes they’ve cut with the latest colour formulation and placement trends.

Address & Contact

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