We Worship God every day.
On Sunday’s we do it together.
It is not complicated.
God has an eternal plan, it is all about His Son, Jesus Christ.
You are included in the plan. Love Jesus One body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one calling, one foundation.
Love the Lord, and love one another. Do it with all your heart. It is not complicated, just impossible. Do you already love Jesus? Then we are family. Is Jesus your Lord? Then we are taking orders from the same Commander. Do you want to follow Him all the way? Then we are walking on the same narrow road. Do you love His Word, then we are reading the same book. Do you struggle with willful mistakes (sin) and need help (grace) and forgiveness (mercy)? Then we are made of the same stuff. Do you know that no one can live the Christian life except Christ Himself? Then you need Him as much as we do. Do you want to tell Him so with all you are worth? Do you want to say “Yes and Amen!” with us as we do the same? Come this Sunday (why wait?)

Gathering 10:30 AM. Call to worship 10:40 AM. Every Sunday.

Address & Contact

Our Address

903 8th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA, 15010