Meet Alex Giannetti
I fell in love with Real Estate in 2004 after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” I started investing in residential rental properties all over the country and obtained a portfolio of over ten rentals in just two years. In 2006, I decided to leave my job and get into Real Estate full time. I have never looked back.

In 2008, I flew to Nashville, TN to be trained as a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor. Dave Ramsey is America’s personal finance expert. He has written several best-selling books and a nationally syndicated radio show host. My wife Stacie¬†and I began teaching Financial Peace University at our church in 2008 and began helping people with their personal finances. To date, we have taught the course 19 times and have helped people pay off $2 million in debt.

My wife Stacie and I have been happily married 17 years. I have four boys. My oldest two, Anthony, 28 and Andre, 25, live in California. My youngest two, Christian, 14 and Samuel, 12, attend school in the NA school district. We enjoy attending soccer games and Boy Scout outings as a family.

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