You are curious about what an elder care manager is? Well, we are professionals, registered nurses, social workers, or gerontologists. I am licensed in the field of Registered Nurse. My passion is to help older individuals and disabled individuals to be able to stay in their own homes. To clarify things we can also be called geriatric care managers, which is a medical term caring for individuals over the age of 65. I prefer Elder Care Manager because it is a more respectful term and can be more readily understood. So what do I do? I can assist you in planning for your future into the twilight years. Now you are thinking, who me? I am not old. But you are older now than you where yesterday, last month, last year, last decade.

The National Aging In Place Council (NAIPC) Code of Ethics is based on 5 core values of geriatric care management:

  • Integrity

  • Loyalty and responsibility

  • Promoting benefit and avoiding harm

  • Respecting the rights and dignity of the individual

  • Behaving justly

Elder Care Managers ECMs are creative and build a plan of care around community resources or available state or federal entitlement programs. Care is individualized and service is compassionate focusing on your individual needs and goals.

ECMs can determine the best living situation and efficiently help to manage resources. Communication is key to coordinating between family members, doctors, and other professionals.

ECMs provide comprehensive and objective assessments for legal, health, and financial professionals.

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